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. >> and president obama told the united nations general assembly he's frustrated with the lack of progress in peace talks. the president says more needs to be dub to establish a palestinian state and caution that had peace can only come as two sides sit down together and hammer out differences. >> each side has aspirations. that is part of what makes peace so hard. and the deadlock will be only broken when each side learns to stand in the others shoe autos president obama met with leaders today first israeli prime minister netanyahu affirmed u.s. commitment to security and later with mahmoud abbas. >> 60 year was out moving one sent meter forward doesn't suggest we should change the method and scheduling here? let's have a month to resume discussions. and six months to find an agreement on borders and security. one year to reach a definite agreement. >> he is expected to submit a formal letter this friday. the u.s. pledged to veto such a bid in large part over resistance to israel's right to exempt -- exist. >> people who love off road vehicles are fighting to get one of their favorite areas reopen
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1